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Tea from grandma`s pantry, Herb-teas, Agrokarpaty | Curative plants, teas
Package: Content: 60 g
20 filter tea bags (3 g)
Application: Let`s go back to our childhood, so we could taste the grandma`s tea recipe that during summer carefully collect herbs, hips, blueberries, apples in order from love to us prepare a tasty cup of tea.

Natural defences - immune system /ID 3880/
Respiratory health /ID 3680/
Skin health – wound healing /ID 4473/
Joint health /ID 4328/
Antioxidant /ID 4327/
Digestion - digestive comfort /ID 3879/
Composition: Common bilberry, leaflets – folium Vaccinum myrtillus L. 20%;
Rose hip, fruits – fructus Rosa canina L. 20%;

Peppermint, herb – herba Mentha piperita L. 20%;
Common bilberry, fruit – fructus Vaccinum myrtillus L. 10%
Blackcurrant, fruit – fructus Ribes Nigrum L. 10%
Aronia chokeberries, fruit – fructus Aronia melanocarpa L. 10%
Common apple, fruit – fructus Malus domestica L. 10%
Preparing: One filter tea bag (3 g) pour a glass (200 ml) of boiling water and let infuse for 10 minutes.
Certificate: Grade label, Quality Certificate
Code: 271026
Price: 1,49 €
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